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Study Abroad                    Intern or Volunteer Abroad
1.Apply Online or download paper application (front/back).                  
1.Apply Online or download paper application (front/back).                  
2. Submit an official transcript*     
2. Submit Pre-Placement Form (hard copy or electronic)**
3. Pay your deposit: Deposit & Program Payment Options.    
3. Pay your deposit: Deposit & Program Payment Options.

*Minimum requirements for "Study Abroad": 2.5 GPA.  Below 2.5?  View FAQ's. No minimum for "Intern or Volunteer Abroad". 

**After receiving the pre-placement form AND deposit, our central office and site directors will begin processing the application and seeking the customized internship placement.  Some intern/volunteer site directors may then request a resume and/or cover letter to facilitate the placement process. 

Applications are not reviewed until the deposit is submitted. 

Submit your application, deposit and transcript or pre-placement form to IEP.

International Education Programs
Jacksonville University, G105
2800 University Blvd. N
Jacksonville, FL 32211

IEP will confirm the receipt of the application upon arrival. If you do not receive a confirmation that your application has been received within one week, please contact IEP.

Application Forms

Please download, read, and fully complete these application forms.

Before Acceptance:

  • IEP Application front/back (with deposit)
  • Submit an official transcript from your home university (Study abroad programs only)
  • Intern/Volunteer Pre-Placement Form (hard copy or electronic).  For Internship/Volunteer programs only.

After Acceptance:  IEP will provide you with the final neccessary materials to be completed online, including: housing, course approval, medical self assessment, emergency contacts, flight responsibility, and featured IEP student forms.   


Pay Deposit or Program Payment Online

All applicants must submit a $200 deposit along with their application to be considered for acceptance. Applicants for the Intern in Australia program must submit a $300 application.

The amount of the deposit is deducted from the final cost of the program and is non-refundable.

For online payments made with a debit card, the bank will issue a $1 transaction fee. For online payments made with a credit card, the credit card company issues a .03 percent transaction fee.


All checks can be made out to International Education Programs, or “IEP” and sent to

International Education Programs
Jacksonville University, G105
2800 University Blvd. N
Jacksonville, FL 32211


Jacksonville University students or other participants in the area may wish to pay in person at our office in Jacksonville University, Gooding 105. IEP is open Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. IEP may close during national holidays and Jacksonville University holidays. IEP will close at 12:00 pm on a Friday, May through July.

All payments made in cash will be recorded and applicants will receive a receipt. IEP does not recommend that cash be sent through the mail or left at the office when an IEP staff member is not present.

I do not meet the minimum GPA requirement (2.5) for a study program. Can I still apply?

Yes. Students who do not meet the GPA requirement for a study program should submit 2 letters of recommendation from a college professor, dean or academic advisor in addition to the IEP application, deposit and official transcript. Additionally, students should include a personal statement explaining why he or she wants to participate on the program. If the applicant is able to submit a second official transcript after completing the current semester that reflects GPA improvement, the student is encouraged to submit the transcript when available.

Can I apply for an IEP program before I have my passport?

You may apply for an IEP program before receiving your passport. Please indicate on the application in the section marked “Passport Number” that you have “Applied For” your passport and indicate the date that you applied for or intend to apply for your passport.

When will I know if I have been accepted onto an IEP program?

Upon receipt of the IEP application, deposit, and official transcript or pre-departure form, IEP will be able to inform the applicant of his or her acceptance status based upon the GPA stated on the transcript and/or the number of spots available on a program. In the event that a program is full, IEP will inform the applicant that they have been placed on a waiting list and continue to update the applicant as changes occur.

What do I do after I am accepted to an IEP program?

Start planning to go overseas! There are additional forms that every participant needs to complete and submit to IEP after acceptance onto a program and before the departure. Every participant should visit the appropriate offices on his or her home campus, inform the stated emergency contact or parent about the program, and make the necessary travel arrangements. Please review the information under the Packing & Preparation portion of the student page.

All participants are strongly encouraged to learn more about the country or countries he or she plans to travel to through the information provided on this website, the IEP pre-departure packet, and other resources online and in your local library.

I do not see my question listed here. Who do I contact?

Please feel free to contact us any time by visiting our contact page and sending an email or calling our office at Jacksonville University.

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