Semester in London

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What if you could explore one of the best cities in the world without the huge price tag? You can! Live on a traditional British campus in the suburbs and visit Central London in your free time.

On our Semester in London program, you will study at the highly ranked University of Roehampton. Roehampton is unique amoung London universities in having its housing, support services, classrooms, shops, and Student Union all within a 15 minute walk of each other. The picturesque campus is the ideal environment for study on the doorstep of one of the world's most exciting cities.

Best of both worlds - A campus setting with peaceful grounds, but with the bustling city center just a short tube ride away.

Top-notch academics - Roehampton professors are highly regarded throughout England and the world and include famed novelists, criminologists, business moguls, and psychologists. Cutting-edge research is the stuff of everyday life here.

Affordability - Check out one of the best cities in the world on the most affordable London study abroad option. We have tons of tips for you on how to save money and still enjoy all that this incredible city has to offer.


  • Diverse Biology courses with no lab fees
  • Option to participate in many additional excursions through on-campus clubs
  • Affordable London study abroad option!
  • Study on a picturesque campus in a suburb of London
  • Amazing creative writing program
  • Fantastic dance program
  • Spring Semester Internship option


  • On-campus residence halls with single room and shared kitchen and living areas


Courses include biological sciences, business, creative writing, cultural studies, health, media studies, IT, psychology, exercise/sports science, and many more.

For a complete list of course offerings, please click here.

Campus Setting


Average Course Load
3-4 courses (15 US credits)

GPA Requirement

Language of Instruction


Program Dates

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Program Fee

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*Cost subject to change at any time due to the current exchange rate.

Compare a semester at JU versus a semester in London.

Calculate your personal expenses using the Financial Budget Worksheet.


  • Two day excursions that change each semester: can be a city tour of Cambridge, trip to Camden Market with a pub lunch, and more! 
  • City Tour on double decker bus to check out famous English sites like Big Ben, Parliament, Oxford St., the London Eye, and more!
  • Student Union fees including intramural sports and clubs 
  • Housing
  • JU Credit
  • University of Roehampton official transcript
  • Pre-departure/On-site orientation
  • Airport pick-up
  • Medical & accident insurance
  • Alumni Ambassador program: find out more

How to Apply

  • This program is managed by our sister organization, CISabroad.  All students should submit an online application to CISabroad here.
  • Pay a $200 deposit to CISabroad.
  • Submit a copy of your official transcript.

What the Students Say

“In addition to making some of the best friends I will ever have, I learned more about myself. In those four months in Roehampton, I did and saw more things than in all my life to that point”

Mary Kate K.